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It shows information in real time of the Container ships according to their status:

Announced: Ships scheduled for their arrival In progress: Ships that are in operation 

Attended: Ships that finished operations

You can find the following details: 

Dry Cut off: Applies to Dry Containers
Reefer Cut off: Applies to Full Reefer Containers and all Empty
Discharge: Completion date of the ship "s unloading, from Which the
use calculation . Begins Operational area for import containers.


Through this section you can access the situation of the schedule of ships per shift by ship type within a period of 10 days.

We receive the following types of ships: tanker, bulk carrier, container, RoRo, general, fishing, multipurpose and passenger cruises.

For purposes of calculating the use of the operational area or storage of containers, we would appreciate doing the verification through the Container Ship Consultation application



The Ship Listing section shows information on container ships and general cargo, considering the following details:

Maritime Agency 
Cruise Line 
Load Type 
Agency pilotage 
Agency towage 
last and next port 
no. Of gangs


APM Terminals Callao | Av. Contralmirante Raygada N° 111 Callao - Perú Central Telefónica: +51 1 200-8800