The HSSE induction is an essential and mandatory requirement aimed at all our customers and users, like transport companies, shipping agencies, customs agencies, suppliers, contractors, officers and the company"s own staff. The aim of HSSE Induction is that our customers and users know the safety rules and environmental and protection provisions as well as the offenses and penalties for breach thereof. APM Terminals Callao offers the possibility of taking the Induction Course online.

Note: We recommend using Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Instructions for the Online Course

1 Registration Form

Fill in the requested information on the Registration Form

2 Watch the video and read the document

After your registration you can access to the 2 induction videos. Take into account that the videos have a duration of approximately 28 minutes. Likewise, you must read the course "Quality and Environmental Management System".

3 Online Evaluation

After watching the video and reading the document, you will have access to the quiz in order to perform the evaluation. There are 10 question, 7 of them should be answered correctly in order to pass.

4 Award of Certificate

After obtaining a passing grade in the online evaluation, the system allows you to print the certificate attesting that the HSSE Induction Course was successfully completed. This commits you to meet the standards of safety and protection provisions from APM Terminals Callao. If you don't approve the assessment, you should perform the process again from step 1.

5 Submit Certificate

You must attach the certificate together with other required documents for entry to the terminal.



1Registration form

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All data entered is the responsibility of the user, if there is illegitimate data, the Certificate won't be valid.

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